Common Health Issues Of Hamsters

Did  you know that your pet hamsters can catch common cold from humans? They  also manifest the same symptoms, too, such as sneezing and having a  runny nose.  In severe cases, the hamster may have difficulty breathing and may stop  eating or drinking, leading to significant weight loss. Refraining from  handling your pet when you have a cold is one way of protecting your  pet from acquiring the problem. Other health health issues that affect hamsters include the following: 

Fur mites and ear mites - These include the fur mites Demodex aurati and Demodex criceti, as well as the ear mite (Notoedres sp).  Affected hamsters have itchy faces, ears, feet, and tail. Constant  scratching can lead to hair over, especially on the back of affected  hamsters. There are several medications that are available for  eliminating mites in pet hamsters but it is recommended that you consult with your vet Bourne, MA to ensure that the treatment you are giving is safe and effective for your pet. 


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