Signs Of Pain In Cats

Cats are experts at hiding signs of pain or discomfort. It is a  survival instinct they have inherited from their wild ancestors. Here  are some signs of pain in cats that pet owners should look out for: 

  • Lack of appetite 

A  cat that has no interest in food even if you’re serving his favorite  canned pet food can be suffering from pain. He may also drink less  water. Sudden changes in your pet’s diet and/or eating habits should  prompt an appointment with an animal hospital sooner rather than later.   

  • Poor grooming 

Grooming is a part of a cat’s  daily regimen. Thus, when a cat suddenly stops grooming, he may be  suffering from pain that prevents him from engaging in the routine.  

  • Inactivity 

Pain  that a cat is feeling may cause him to become inactive and/or sleep  more than usual. But there are also other cats that become more  restless, continuously moving around because they are in pain.  

Any signs of pain exhibited by your pet cat should warrant an appointment with an animal care clinic Auburn Hills, MI.

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