Do Cats Really Dream?

Cats spend a good part of their days sleeping. In fact, they are known to sleep for more than 16 hours a day. This is an instinct that they have inherited from their ancestors who had to sleep during the day so they will be wide awake and active when hunting at night. 

Do cats have dreams? This is a common question that is in the minds of most people, even the experts. Studies have shown that cats experience Rapid Eye Movement (REM) in their sleep; in humans, it is the phase where dreaming occurs. During REM sleep, the paws and whiskers of cats undergo twitching movements which may be an indication that they are dreaming. The results of the sleep studies also showed that there are similarities in the brainwaves and physiological processes that take place during REM. This is a very important reason why many experts believe that cats dream. 

Twitching movements of their paws and/or whiskers during REM may possibly indicate that they are dreaming.  

Since cats are known for their sleeping habits, those that seem to sleep very little may be suffering from an illness and should be brought to a veterinarians Bowmanville, ON for a thorough checkup.


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