Some Signs Of Pain In Cats

Just like their wild ancestors, cats instinctively hide any signs of pain and discomfort so they won’t appear vulnerable to their enemies. Unfortunately, this is the reason why many problems are brought to the vet’s attention only when serious complications have set in. Some signs of pain in cats include: 

Excessive meowing, purring, and licking

Frequent purring is cats may be caused by pain and discomfort that they are feeling. They may also lick and chew at certain parts of their bodies where pain is present. Unfortunately, t his can increase their risks to the development of skin infections and loss of hair. 

Elimination difficulty

Cats suffering from back pain may find it difficult to pee or defecate. The pain may cause them to do their business somewhere else other than the litter box because they don’t have to go in and out. 

Any signs of pain exhibited by your cat should be checked by a veterinarian Covington GA.


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