Tips for Feeding a Dog With Cancer

Feeding  your dog a healthy diet is important throughout his life, but it  becomes essential if your canine companion is suffering from a serious  medical condition, like cancer. 

It's best to choose food that includes easy-to-digest fatty proteins. A few examples include chicken, turkey, pork, eggs, and fish. However, you should avoid beef. It is more difficult to digest than other proteins. 

Now is the time to look for food that is high in calories. It is important to help your dog maintain his weight, which can be difficult to do if he's suffering from cancer. 

Supplements  can be helpful too. CBD oil has been shown to increase appetite among  dogs with cancer. Supplements with probiotics, vitamin B complex, amino  acids, and iron can also be helpful. Just make sure you follow the recommendations of your animal hospital Tipp City, OH. Schedule an appointment today!


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