How To Store Dog Food Correctly

How dog food is stored once the bag is opened can have an important  effect on its shelf-life and freshness. Here are some tips to remember  when storing dog food: 

  • Kibbles should never be taken  out of the bag and transferred to a container. If you wan to place the  dog food in a bin, do so by placing the food bag inside. Its packaging  is specially designed to preserve the kibble’s freshness and flavors for  a considerable length of time.  
  • Always keep the bag of  dog food sealed even if it’s inside a bin or tight lid container. Air  and humidity can affect its freshness and increase the chances of  contamination by bacteria, milk, and storage mites.  
  • Choose a spot where it’s cool and dry to store the dog food. Always  remember that sunlight and humidity are not good for pet food products  for they can lead to food spoilage and contamination.  
  • Don’t keep kibbles with home and garden products because it can absorb  the odors of these products and there is the possibility of  contamination which can cause toxicity.  
  • Expired pet food should be disposed of properly.  
  • New kibbles should never be mixed with what’s left of the old one.  
  • Kids should never be allowed to touch pet food because their hands may  be dirty and they may end up contaminating the product.  

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