Keep Chemicals out of Reach of your Dog

When it comes to dogs and cleaning supplies or just chemicals in  general, you should treat your dog like children to ensure they cannot  access anything harmful like the chemicals in cleaning products. First,  consider placing child locks on your cabinets and cupboards so your dog  can’t access them. If your dog is small then consider keeping cleaning  materials on the top shelf. If your dog is large then most dogs then  just plan that he can access everything so keep the cleaning materials  and dangerous chemicals up high or up high in a locked and safe areas.  If your dog gets into the chemicals and gets some in his eye, please  call your vet or emergency vet immediately. A cool rinse of water can  help clear the eye. Never apply an ointment or self treat. For more  information, call your pet clinic Chico, CA. Or schedule an appointment at this website Chico Creek Animal Hospital.


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