Before Adopting A Senior Dog

Adopting a senior pet has its just rewards. But it won’t be a walk in  the park. Thus, you have to take time to consider the pros and cons to  see if you are ready to adopt a senior pet. Senior pets have special  needs as their bodies deal with the effects of the wear and tear of the  years.  

Are you willing to work to correct undesirable behaviors or habits that your senior pet may have? 

Some  dogs developed undesirable habits and/or behaviors as a result of past  neglect and experiences by their previous owners. Adopting a senior dog  means your new pet’s personality and certain habits have already  developed. You should be ready and willing to commit to undertaking  measures to change or eliminate any undesirable habits and behaviors.  You will need tons of patience, perseverance, and consistency as you  subject your dog to corrective training.  

Senior dogs will benefit from regular wellness checks at a veterinary clinic McHenry, IL. 


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