Aggression in Rabbits

Rabbits can show aggression at times. It’s always good to assume they may get feisty if mishandled, anxious, stressed, etc. Times that your rabbit may show aggression include when he’s being fed. If your rabbit is worried about being fed on time and is too anxious or too excited then he may try and forcefully push you or your hand out of the way. Talk to your vet about this behavior and ask for advice on how to handle or train this out of your rabbit. Most of the time rabbits are very timid, but they can become angry and nip or claw at people or other rabbits. Besides anxiety, aggression can also happen as a sign of boredom or if the rabbit wants attention from other animals or other people. One the best ways to train this out of your rabbit is to teach him tricks and things to distract him. Talk to your veterinary clinic Ellicott City, MD for more information. 


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