How to Administer Insulin Injections in your Cat

Part of the treatment process for a diabetic cat could be to  administer insulin. Talk you’re your vet to find out if you will need to  administer the insulin via a pill or if your cat will need to have  insulin injections. For insulin injections your vet will need to  administer the first few for you and then show you how to administer  injections on your own at home. Here are a few tips that can help you in  this process. First, never reuse a syringe. Always start with a new  one. Second, when filling the syringe with the insulin, make sure there  are no air bubbles. If there are then release the insulin back in the  bottle and try again. Alternate injection sites. Reward your cat with a  treat for a job well done. This can help her become less stressed for  future administrations. For more tips, contact your vets Norwalk, CA.


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