Stopping the Puppy Chew

Most puppies love to chew. They’re teeth are coming in and they may hurt or just feel weird. Chewing helps them deal with this. Puppies also have a tendency to get bored easily. Chewing helps them relieve boredom and excess energy. This could be trouble for your furniture and your favorite shoes. So how do you stop the chewing? You can spray commonly chewed items with a ‘no chew’ spray that can be found at the store. This will help deter your puppy, but he could look for new things to chew. To battle this, make sure there are plenty of chew toys available for your puppy. Also make sure you are walking your puppy regularly and getting him tired each day. If he’s tired and not bored then he won’t be prone to chew as much. Ask your veterinary clinic Carrollton, GA for help as well.


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