How to Keep Your Bird Entertained When You Aren’t at Home

Birds are a lot smarter than other pets. That makes them great companions, but it can also cause some trouble. Keeping a parrot entertained when you’re away from home can be difficult! Fortunately, it isn’t impossible.

Make sure there are plenty of toys in your pet’s cage to keep him entertained. Hang toys from the top and sides of the cage, and rotate them frequently. That way, your feathered friend can’t get bored by seeing the same toys all day, every day.

Make sure your bird’s cage is big enough for him to stretch his wings. A protected aviary outside can be a good way to give your pet some fresh air while you’re away from home.

Why not turn on the radio or the TV? Just make sure you choose a channel or music you know your bird likes!

Vets Lexington, KY can provide you with more ideas on how to keep your bird entertained.


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