Weight Gain In Dogs And Cats - Why A Lifestage-Appropriate Diet Is Important

It is a fact that overweight or obese pets have higher risks of  developing serious health issues that can significantly shorten their  longevity and negatively affect their quality of life. The two main  causes of weight gain in pets is consuming more calories than what the  body needs each day coupled with lack of physical activity. The need to  give a lifestage-appropriate diet cannot be overemphasized. Since each  lifestage of pets differ in their needs for the number of calories and  specific nutrients, you should give your pet premium quality pet food  that is specially formulated for the specific lifestage that they are  in. As to the amount of pet food that should be given per day, it is a  good idea to consult with a veterinarian Aurora, CO.  

Some  breeds, like pugs, Labrador retrievers, dachshunds, and beagles are  more prone to obesity, thus their food intake must be closely monitored.  They will also benefit from regular physical activity to burn off  excess pounds.

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