What Is Kennel Cough?

A dog with a cough that sounds like a honking goose may be suffering  from kennel cough. The dog may sound like he is choking because of a  persistent hacking cough. Kennel cough is also called infectious  tracheobronchitis. It is caused by a variety of pathogens including  bacteria and viruses. While kennel cough is highly contagious, in most  cases, it is not serious and most dogs recover within a few weeks.  However, senior pets, puppies, and dogs with existing health issues  should be monitored 

closely because they are more prone to  developing serious complications like pneumonia.  The main route of  infection is through direct contact with another animal.  Kennel cough  can also be acquired when droplets released into the air during coughing  are inhaled by susceptible dogs. Other potential routes of infection  include sharing of food and water bowls that are contaminated with the  virus.  

Consult with your veterinarian Aurora, CO regarding the best way to protect your pet from kennel cough and other infections. 


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