What You Can Do To Improve Your Senior Pet's Quality Of Life

As dogs age, they find it difficult to break old habits and adapt to  new routine. Sometimes, even a small change can be stressful and may  trigger depression. This may be attributed to the fact that the body  produces less stress-fighting hormones with age. Thus, it is very  important to avoid making any drastic and sudden changes in your pet’s  routine or immediate environment. Your senior pet will also have a hard  time with long distance journeys or road trips so it’s better for him to  stay at home where everything is familiar. If you need to go on a trip,  don’t leave your dog in a boarding kennel, if possible. Hiring a pet  sitter or asking a relative to oversee your pet while you’re out is a  better idea.  Your senior pet will benefit from regular health checkups  at your animal hospital Aurora, CO. Set an appointment at this website Aspen Commons Animal Hospital.


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