Skin Infection In Cats

The skin, being the largest organ, is prone to many issues that range  from minor abrasions to large gaping wounds to allergies to sunburns to  parasites to cancer. Infections caused by bacteria and fungi are among  the most common problems that affect the skin. 

Bacteria  are common secondary invaders to a primary problem. Many of them are  normal skin flora that proliferate and cause infection when the function  of the immune system is compromised. To treat a bacterial infection,  there may be a need to perform a culture and sensitivity test so the  appropriate antibiotic can be given.  

One of the most  common skin infections caused by yeast or fungi in pets is ringworm. The  causative agents are opportunistic in nature. They are quick to  multiply and establish an infection in the presence of an underlying  health issue that is compromising immune function.  

Any signs of skin problem should be checked by a vet Norfolk, VA. Read more here.


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