What To Do If Your Dog Has Mild Diarrhea

Most cases of mild diarrhea eventually resolve on their own without  giving any medications. It may be triggered by something that the dog  may have eaten causing the body to respond with diarrhea to get rid of  the culprit. For faster recovery from the digestive upset, stop feeding  your dog for a day and place him on a rice water fast for at least 24  hours. This can give the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) enough time to  rest and recover. Giving rice water helps prevent dehydration. In making  rice water, premium quality white rice is preferred over brown rice  because the latter contains too much fiber which can increase the rate  of passage of any waste material through the GIT.  

Active  prebiotic cultures may also be added to white rice balls and offered to  a dog with mild diarrhea. Your veterinarian may recommend Kaopectate  (an oral preparation composed of pectin and kaolin clay). The medicine  works by coating the surface of the intestines. Loperamide may be given  for mild diarrhea that don’t go away easily. But there are precautionary  measures to be observed when giving loperamide to dogs. Caution should  be observed when giving to collies, and dogs should not be given  loperamide for more than 5 days.  

It is recommended to seek the advice of a veterinarian Norfolk, VA before giving any medication to your pet.


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