How Hypothermia In Dogs Is Being Treated

Hypothermia occurs when the core body temperature is below the normal  range. Immediate medical intervention is extremely important. As the  body temperature continues to plummet, the negative effects on the  body’s physiological and metabolic functions can become irreversible and  death may follow. There is a need to stabilize the body’s  temperature by bringing it back within the normal range and preventing  further body heat loss. It is very important to avoid rapid warming as  it is counterproductive and can only bring about negative effects. The  recommended rewarming rate is 0.5-1.5C/hour. Rewarming in dogs can be  achieved using either of these techniques: 

  • Passive external  rewarming for mild hypothermia - This is achieved by providing  insulation (such as blankets) to prevent more loss. 
  • Active  external warming for moderate hypothermia - Hypothermia is corrected  with the application of heating pads, hot water bottles, heaters, or  other external sources of heat.  
  • Active internal warming for  severe cases of hypothermia - Administration of warm IV fluids and  oxygen coupled with external warming techniques. 

If your dog is displaying signs of hypothermia, bring your pet to the nearest animal hospital Norfolk, VA ASAP. Click this website Barker Animal Hospital for more details.


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