Dogs and Obesity

Obesity is a quickly growing crisis in canines and felines. Obesity  is when a dog’s weight far exceeds the recommended weight for the  particular dog’s breed, height, age, etc. Obesity can occur in dogs due  to an unhealthy diet that often includes an overload of sugar and carbs  as well as processed foods. Some dogs can become obese due to being fed  the wrong serving amount each day. Some dogs, however, can also become  obese because they have been fed people food from the table. Other  things that can cause obesity include genetics as well as injuries that  prevent routine exercise. If you’re not sure if your dog is overweight,  schedule an appointment with your vet Lewisville, TX and have your dog  weighed as well as a physical conducted. You can do a quick check at  home by looking at your dog from above him. If you can’t see the  waistline the dog may be obese. 


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