Are Calicos Female Cats Only?

Have you heard the line about the calico cat? Some say that the  calico cat is a color pattern that comes in females only. The calico  color is a spotted or tri-colored cat that has white with patches or  orange tabby and black. Contrary to popular belief, a calico can be male  or female. The myth that is female only comes from the fact that the  gene that determines the orange color in cats I on the X chromosome.  This makes almost all calicos female, but there are times when it can  change. The male calico is often seen with the tabby pattern. When this  happens, some will call the cat a ginger tom. Yes, it’s rare. But, no  it’s not impossible for males to be calico and females to be orange  tabby cats. If you want to learn more, ask your animal  hospital Lewisville, TX.


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