What to Do When You Trim Your Dog's Nails too Close

It happens. Every once in a while when you trim your dog’s nails you  make a mistake and accidentally trim too close. This wouldn’t be a big  deal except that a dog’s quick or the vein in his toe nail is pretty  close. If you clip the vein then your dog could bleed a lot and it could  be dangerous. So what should you do when this happens? First, before  clipping the nails, make sure you have styptic powder or something  similar (i.e. corn starch and baking soda) available. You can put this  on the nail to cover the vein and stop the bleeding. When you clip the  nails, take your time and look closely at where you are trimming. Dogs  with dark nails are harder because the vein is harder to see. Trim a  little at a time. If you hit the vein, pour the powder on it to stop the  bleeding. For more tips, call your vet Lewisville, TX.


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