Grooming Needs Of Pet Rabbits

Rabbits, especially the long-haired breeds, benefit from regular brushing of their hair coat. This can help prevent matting of the hairs which can cause skin irritation and possibly infections. Matted hairs also create a favorable environment for flies to lay eggs that eventually lead to flystrike which is a deadly condition. Like cats, rabbits also groom themselves regularly, but this also means they are prone to hairball problems. A good brush helps keep a rabbit’s coat in excellent condition and gives you an opportunity to check your pet’s body for wounds, lumps, or bumps that weren’t there before. 

The frequency of grooming varies between rabbits and generally depends on their hair coat. Rabbits with short hair coat benefit from twice a week brushing, while long-haired breeds need a daily brush. During shedding season, brushing may need to be done several times a day to get rid of dead hairs before they fall off to the floor or furniture. 

Know more about your pet’s grooming needs on your next visit to your pet clinic Matthews, NC during your pet’s wellness check. 


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