Keeping your home clean as a pet owner

You share your home with a pet and you love having a little fur ball to come home to. However, you can’t help but notice that your pet brings a lot of messes into your home. How can you keep your home clean?

The best mess is the one that never happens, so you will need to take some time preventing messes when possible. This may mean making a little extra effort up front to stop you from having to take a lot of effort later in in clean-up time. Wipe your pet’s feet off at the door when he comes inside if it’s muddy out, purchase a spill-proof water dish, and brush him often to remove shed fur before it comes off on your furniture. It’s also helpful to have items designed for helping you keep your home clean while sharing it with a pet, like stain removers and odor eliminators. Your Ashburn, VA vet clinic can offer additional advice.


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