The Importance of Cleaning Your Dog's Teeth

Did you know that you should be cleaning your dog’s teeth on a routine basis? Your vet can help you find the right dog friendly toothbrush and toothpaste. Or, your vet can show you how to use gauze to gently wipe at your dog’s teeth to remove plaque and food buildup. You can also have your groomer brush your dog’s teeth the next time your dog is in for a trim. The main thing is to keep your dog’s teeth clean and to help prevent tartar and plaque buildup. Why? Because dogs can develop gingivitis and other gum diseases just like people do. It’s important that dogs have their teeth cleaned and checked on a routine basis by a vet. Some dogs may even need to have a professional veterinary dental cleaning. This involves being sedated so the teeth can be cleaned and any bad teeth can be removed. Contact your veterinarians Lakewood Ranch, FL to schedule a dental checkup for your dog.


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