Tear Duct Blockages in Cats

You may have noticed that your cat’s eyes can become irritated, watery, or even appear swollen at times. When this happens, you should give your vet a call and schedule an exam. For some cats, there may also be a green or yellow discharge in the eye. This often means there is debris in the eye or the eye has been scratched. It can also mean the tear duct is not working properly. Only a veterinary professional will be able to examine the eye close enough to find out if the symptoms are related to the tear duct. If it is, the tear duct could be blocked. The medical term for this is Epiphora. This is often the result of another illness. As a result, the other illness will need to be identified and treated so that the tear duct can be treated as well. Talk to your veterinary clinic Lakewood Ranch, FL to learn more. Or set an appointment here:


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