Idiopathic Epilepsy in Dogs

Are you familiar with epilepsy? If not, talk with your vet to learn what epilepsy is and how it may affect your dog. In general, epilepsy is seizure like behaviors that can happen at any given time and for many different reasons. It can often send your dog into convulsions or sporadic body movements. Causes of epilepsy aren’t readily known. For some dogs it can be hereditary or inherited. This is usually the conclusion when no causes can be found for the seizure activity. Some veterinarians believe there are certain breeds of dogs that have a higher rate of seizures or epileptic activity, which is why they think some seizure activity is hereditary. Breeds that have been known to have seizure activity include Beagles, Labrador retrievers, Golden retrievers, Poodles, Keeshonds, German Shepherds, Irish setters, and Cocker spaniels. These breeds often present seizure activitiy or symptoms that include abnormal behavior, howling, chomping, chewing, involuntary urination and involuntary defecation. Call your vet Sarasota, FL to learn more. Visit this site for additional details.


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