Sneezing in Turtles

Did you know that turtles can sneeze? Hearing an occasional sneeze or cough that doesn’t last long and only occurs once or twice every few weeks is common and most likely OK. However, if your turtle is sneezing and coughing consistently throughout a short amount of time then you should call your vet and schedule an exam. Even if you only hear the sneeze a couple of times then you still may want to call and let your vet know. Excessive coughing or sneezing, however, could be a sign of respiratory infection or even pneumonia. Turtles are prone to respiratory infections and need to be monitored and treated at the slightest hint of illness. Once your vet examines your turtle and makes a diagnosis, antibiotics will most likely be prescribed to treat your turtle. Click here to learn more or call your veterinary clinic Dahlonega, GA.


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