Why Do Cats Constantly Groom?

Does your cat seem like he’s always grooming? Did you know that’s actually a common behavior in cats and a behavior that should be observed often? Cats need to groom themselves on a regular basis. Their tongues are made with bristle like spots on them that enables them to groom and actually brush their fur as they lick it. In fact, when cats groom or lick at their coat, they are removing the scent of food and odors from their fur. They do this so they aren’t giving off a smell that could alert predators. Cats also lick themselves to keep cool in the summer and to stay warm in the winter. During the winter, the excess grooming or licking helps naturally spread oils on the coat which helps keep the dampness of the cold out and the warmth in. You can learn more about a cat’s different behaviors by calling your professional vet Fort Collins, CO.


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