Can Hamsters be Territorial?

Hamsters love to have companions. They do best when they aren’t alone. Hamsters living together often do very well, but this doesn’t mean they won’t have their times or moments of being territorial either to you or to each other. Why? If your hamster feels threatened then he may be aggressive and nip at you. For instance, if you are feeding your hamster and he hasn’t been fed in a while he may fear he won’t be fed at all and nip at you in an effort to get more food. If your hamster feels you are threatening his companion (i.e. when you take one out before the other) then he could become aggressive and nippy to protect his territory or in this case his ‘friend’. Hamsters are not territorial by nature, but they will protect their home if they feel in danger. For more information, click here or call your best vet Bowmanville, ON.


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