Airedale Terrier

Looking for a different kind of Terrier? Check out the Airedale Terrier. This is one of the largest of the terrier canines. If you have small kids that love the movie Frozen then they may like the name Airedale which sounds a bit like Ana and Elsa’s home of Arendelle (although the two are not related). All fun aside, this is a great breed that also goes by the name of Bingley Terrier, the King of Terriers, or the Waterside Terrier. The Airedale Terrier has a double coat with a wire like outer coat popular to the terrier family. The colors vary between tan and black and tan and gray. The Airedale does well with children of all ages although supervision with toddlers is always advised. The breed is playful, fun, energetic, and loyal. Consistent training and exercise are needed to encourage positive behavior. Talk to your best vet Eau Claire, WI to learn more.


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