Snail and Slug Bait Are Toxic To Pets

Most snail and slug baits contain the active ingredient metaldehyde, a substance that is converted to acetaldehyde when ingested. The chemical is extremely toxic and causes nervous signs. Poisoning caused by ingestion of snail and slug baits are quite common among dogs and cats.

Signs of toxicity include lack of coordination, muscle tremors, and seizures. As muscle activity increases, there is a consequent increase in body temperature (hyperthermia). Without prompt veterinary treatment and attention, the dog can eventually die from multiple organ failure. 

Snail and slug bait are available as powder, pellet, or liquid. Brown sugar is often added to the formulation of these products thus making them irresistible to snails, slugs, and even dogs and cats. Take note that ingestion of even small amounts of the bait can have disastrous results. 

If you suspect your pet has consumed some snail bait, don’t lose time in bringing your pet to your Oshawa, ON animal hospital for proper veterinary attention and treatment. See details here:


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