The Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex is a longtime domesticated feline breed. The name gives the impression that it may be on the aggressive or intimidating side. After all, the ‘rex’ may bring up pictures of the T-Rex, but that’s far from the truth for this feline. The Cornish Rex is a cat with large ears, egg-shaped head, and a Romanesque nose and strong chin. A symbol of sturdiness, yet playfulness. In fact, the Cornish Rex may give a grand royal appearance, but he is very down to earth, humorous, good natured, and extremely affectionate. The Cornish Rex loves people especially ‘his’ people. This feline loves to play as a kitten and as an adult. The breed is small, but strong and active. You can take them on walks or for car rides. Training should start young. If you want an active feline companion in your life, talk to your best vet Anderson, IN about this affectionate breed. 


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