Do Dogs Belong in Your Purse?

This is a fad that is constantly in fashion and out of fashion. Some dog owners used to literally carry their smaller dogs in their actual purse. Lately the trend has shifted to wear some purses are made to carry small dogs. Likewise, small dog carriers are now designed to double as a purse or handbag. But do your dogs really belong in a purse or purse-like handbag? That really depends on the owner and the size of the dog. If you own a particularly small dog like a teacup Chihuahua or teacup Pomeranian then carrying the dog in your purse is probably safer in some situations than having him on a leash where he could get trampled. Other breeds that are a good fit for a small carrier or purse include the Japanese Chin ad Papillon. If you want to find a purse or handbag for your pup ask your professional vet Crown Point, IN for assistance.


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