Things To Bring When Traveling With Pet Cats

When you are taking your pet cat on a trip, adequate planning and preparation well ahead of time is very important. This can help reduce last-minute problems and hassles during the trip and making it more enjoyable for you and your furball. 

Here are just two basic travel essentials that you will need when traveling with your trip. 

  • Cat carrier for safety.  To ensure that you and your cat are safe while you drive, put your pet in safety case or carrier and make sure that it can be securely locked.  
  • Litter kit.  Remember that your cat may not wait for you to stop driving so it can do his business.   Be ready with lots of disposable bags to contain soiled rags and papers. Odor eliminator and sprays are definitely useful.

For more information about your cat's needs visit your vet clinic Downey, CA.


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