Negative Experiences During Car Rides Can Increase Motion Sickness In Dogs

Dogs that have negative experiences while riding in a vehicle can eventually become anxious and stressed when they are taken for rides, regardless of how long or short the trip may be. These situations differ from true motion sickness which is often a result of the still-developing balance apparatus of puppies that eventually outgrow the problem as they mature. If your pet’s motion sickness is caused by stress and anxiety, here are some tips to help make car rides more positive and even enjoyable to your pet: 

  • Avoid taking car trips with your dog at least a week or two before going on a road trip, even if it’s only a short one. 
  • Always be quick to provide positive reinforcement for desired behavior. 
  • During training, provide positive associations by taking a trip to the park or someplace your dog loves to go. 
  • It is a good idea to have somebody along in the car so he can distract and provide positive reinforcement to your pet while you drive. 
  • Don’t try to go too fast or make sudden swerves and turns.
  • Never punish your dog when he vomits while riding in the car. 
  • Ask your veterinarian Portland, OR for anti-nausea medication for your pet. 

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