Washable or Disposable Doggy Diapers

Did you know that there are washable and disposable types of diapers available for dogs? Whether your pup is a newborn puppy or a gray muzzle senior, diapers can come in handy to prevent accidents and help potty train. So should you use washable or disposable diapers? Diapers, in general, can be expensive. Washable diapers often require liners to go with them. Disposable diapers often come at a high price for a low quantity. On the bright side, washable diapers can be used again and again as they are washable. Disposable diapers can’t be reused but they can be thrown away and you don’t have to clean them. To save costs on washable diapers, buy feminine panty liners instead of dog diaper pads. To save on disposable diapers, look for coupons in local pet ads. Whichever diaper you choose is really up to you and your pup’s needs. Ask your veterinarians Downingtown, PA for assistance.


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