Worms In Pet Reptiles

Worms are surprisingly common in pet reptiles. Since routine deworming is not usually practiced in pet reptiles, the best way to protect your pet is to reduce the chance of being exposed to parasites. And the best way to do this is to observe good hygiene and sanitation. Preventive measures should include:

  • Keeping your pet’s enclosure and immediate environment clean
  • Washing your hands in between handling reptiles
  • When buying new bedding, place it in the freezer overnight to kill of most of the parasites that may be present
  • If there are new reptiles, be sure to have them screened and quarantined before introducing and mixing them with the resident reptiles
  • Pet reptiles should undergo a stool exam at least once a year to detect the presence of parasites. Ask your veterinarian about it. 

If a pet reptile has been found to be harboring parasites, your veterinarian North Phoenix, AZ will give the appropriate deworming medication. In order to learn more, visit this link:


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