Fun Facts about the Japanese Bobtail Cat

Need a fun loving family cat that loves to hang out with the entire family and has patience for even the smallest of children? If so, check out the Japanese Bobtail cat. This cat is considered to be good luck and sacred in Japan. The cat once roamed the streets in Japan. In fact, in the 1600s the country was infested by rodents and the silk industry was being threatened. The cats were ordered to be released into the street to destroy the rodents and save the silk industry. Now the cat is one of the most popular breeds. The Japanese Bobtail comes in shorthair and longhair. He can have coat colors that include a white splash of color or the ‘van’ color pattern. Some coats can be solid or dilutes. Their heads form an almost equilateral triangular shape and their tails are small, curly or bobbed. For more information, call your animal hospital Rochester, NY. Visit this website for additional advice.


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