How Does Ice Melt Affect Cats ?

Did you know that walking your cat on icy pathways or walkways that have been treated for ice can harm your cat? During the winter months, it’s important to watch out for your cat’s health. This includes the foot health. If your cat is walking around on treated pavements then make sure you wash the feet with pet wipes or warm water when your cat comes in so that the chemicals used to de-ice the pavement will be washed away from the cat’s paws. If you walk your cat on a leash, make sure you look for areas to walk that are free of ice melt. If you use ice melt in your own drive way or sidewalks, make sure the ice melt is pet friendly so it doesn’t burn the paws or cause blistering. If possible, keep your cat indoors after storms to avoid treated walkways. Call your vet Rochester, NY for more tips. For additional information, visit website


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