Can FeLV be Prevented in Cats Like the Singapura ?

FeLV may not be 100% preventable, but for some cats it can be suppressed with vaccinations and prevention. FeLV stands for the Feline Leukemia Virus. It is not contagious to dogs, but is highly contagious in cats. Cats like the Singapura can contract the virus through saliva, blood and bodily fluids of infected cats. The virus can cause anemia, lymphoma and a suppressed immune system. Testing your cat annually can help keep your cat FeLV free or at least identify the symptoms when they first appear giving the cat a chance to be treated early on. Cats that live indoors are much less likely to be infected with FeLV. You can help prevent the virus by keeping your cat indoors. If your cat has FeLV then you can help prevent the spread of the virus by having a one cat home and keeping your cat indoors. Talk to your veterinarian Rochester NY to learn more.


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