Some Dog Breeds That Are Prone To Bladder Stones

Some breeds of dogs are more predisposed to forming bladder stones than others. These include dalmatian, bulldog, dachshund, shih tzu, and schnauzer among others. When a bladder stone/s gets stuck in the urethra, it can obstruct the lower part of the urinary tract, making urination painful in affected dogs. Because of the irritation, blood may be present in the urine. 

There are different types of bladder stones in dogs, the most common of which is called struvites. This type is composed of magnesium ammonium phosphate. One important predisposing factor of struvite formation that have been identified by experts is alkaline urine. A bladder infection usually precedes the formation of struvites. Urine sediment and the infection-causing microorganisms form a nidus, creating a point where ammonium phosphate is deposited. 

When urine is acidic, it increase the risk of forming uric acid stones. This can also be attributed to changes in urate metabolism. Dalmatians and bulldogs have a genetic predisposition to the problem. 

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