What Food Should I Feed My Dog?

One of the important decisions that pet owners have to make is choosing a suitable food for their pets. The dietary needs of dogs change as they age, thus making sure your pet is being fed the right food is important for their health and well-being. This also means that there is a need to change your pet’s diet several times as they go through various lifestages. The nutritional demands of dogs are influenced by  several factors including the breed, activity level, weight, lifestage, health status, and whether the dog is still intact or has been neutered or spayed.

There are so many dog foods that are commercially available which can simply be overwhelming for pet owners. However, with the help of your veterinarian, you will be able to get the best dog food that is balanced and complete. 

Your pet’s diet is one of the important concerns that you should discuss with your veterinarian Scottsdale, AZ during your pet’s wellness checks.


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