What Can Cause Mouth Rot in Turtles?

Do you own a turtle? Are you aware that there are certain illnesses that turtles can be prone to? Your vet may tell you to watch out for things like coughing and sneezing which could indicate a respiratory infection. You should also look out for necrotic stomatitis which is more commonly known as mouth rot. This is an inflammation of the mouth or oral cavity which typically appears as small hemorrhages on the gums or as large amounts of mucus in the mouth. It is believed that one of the primary causes is stress. Stress weakens the immune system making it weak and vulnerable to infections from bacteria usually found in the mouth. The bacteria, when not in check, can cause the infection known as mouth rot. Other causes of mouth rot may include poor living environment, overcrowding, internal or external parasites, trauma, or poor nutrition. Talk to your pet clinic West Bloomfield, MI to learn more. Or make an appointment at this website Walnut Lake Animal Hospital.


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