Basic Facts about Lories

Did you know that Lories are a member of the parrot family? There are more than 50 species of Lories. Only 12 of those species are actually kept as pets. Lories are very similar to Lorikeets. The only difference is that the Lorikeet’s tail is larger. The Lory is drastically different from the parrot. The Lory needs a special diet of pollen and nectar to survive. Powder versions can be purchased in the store and added with water to make a suitable meal for your bird. Lories can live up to 20 years and grow between 10 an 12 inches. The bird first originated in Indonesia, Australia and New Guinea. They are playful birds that like to clown around, hang upside down in their cage, and talk and whistle. The Lory has a very strong vocabulary. Its high pitched voice can be heard and understood clearly. They also enjoy singing. Talk with your veterinarian Diamond Bar, CA to learn more.


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