Completing an Entry Form for Showing your Hedgehog

So you want to show your purebred hedgehog? That’s great. It’s often recommended that you show through an organization like the IHA or International Hedgehog Association. They can walk you through the registration process, help you find local IHA chapters, connect with fellow competitors, and help you show in IHA sanctioned shows where you can earn points towards year-end awards and be sure that judges are qualified and certified to judge. One of the first steps for showing is to complete the entry form. A form usually asks for your hedgehog’s class, which will be A for ages 3 to 11 months or B for 11 months and older. You will then need to supply the color. This can be tricky so you may opt to leave it blank and the judge will write it in. Don’t forget to write down the name and sex of your hedgehog. You can learn more here or request aid from your veterinary clinic Bloomfield Township. 


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