Cats and Trains

Need to travel by train, but aren’t sure if your cat can go along? The best thing to do is contact your travel agent or the train company directly to find out what they pet guidelines are. Some trains will list their requirements and policies on their website. Amtrak, for instance, has an updated pet policy online. Amtrak now allows a certain number of dogs and cats per train (not including service animals). Before buying your ticket, make sure you are on a pet approved train. I addition, keep your cat in its carrier at all times. Also check with the train company if there is a specific size carrier required. Talk with your vet about your cat traveling. Some cats don’t handle motion very well and could become sick. You can ask your reputed vet Tipp City, OH for medication to help your cat. Don’t forget to take a copy of your cat’s vaccine records on your trip!


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