Symptoms of Seizures in Birds

Birds can be prone to seizure activity a lot like other animals can. A seizure is the result of a neurological disorder. Birds have been known to have seizures. If you think your bird is having a seizure or had a seizure, please call your vet and schedule an exam. Things to look out for in seizure type activity include symptoms such as confusion, convulsion, involuntary crying out, involuntary body movement and even loss of balance. Most seizures in birds occur in different phases. First may involve abnormal behavior. Second may involve disorientation and uncoordinated movements. Your Love Bird may even fall from his perch, go into convulsions, cry out or even defecate uncontrollably. Third phase may involve exhaustion, confusion and restlessness. Other phases may follow as the bird recovers. Talk to your professional veterinarians Lake Orion MI to learn more about seizures and how they affect birds.


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