Treating Pink Eye in Dogs Like the Golden Retriever

Dogs can get pink eye or conjunctivitis just like people can. Wow! If you though it was only passed between humans then you should know it can be passed from animals as well. Signs of pink eye include a pink, watery or weepy eye as well as scratching at eyes, squinting, and even the sticking together of the eyelids. Pink eye is often allergy related, bacterial or viral. You should take your Golden to the vet as soon as you see symptoms of the eye irritation. Your vet will most likely examine your dog and either do an eye stain test or simply prescribe a treatment method. Common treatments include flushing of the eye, application of a cold compress, steroid drops or anti-steroid drops, antibiotic ointments, or artificial tears. Learn more about pink eye or conjunctivitis here or call your vet clinic Auburn Hills MI.


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