The Maine Coon Cat

Did you know that the Maine Coon cat breed is a Native American longhaired cat breed? The Maine Coon is also known as ‘the dog of the cat world’ due to his friendliness with other people and pets. The Maine Coon is a common house cat and is sought after due to his gentle nature and disposition. The Maine Coon is large, friendly, good natured, loyal, loving and very affectionate. The breed was originally developed as a skilled mouser on the farms of early New England. Their skills and beauty landed them various awards at cat shows as early as the 1890s. Today the Maine Coon is commonly seen as a ‘lap cat’ and prefers time with people over time with other cats or time chasing mice. The breed is an easy keeper that requires brushing daily due to the full coat. Talk to your professional vet Washington DC for more information.


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