Housing for your Hedgehog

Understanding what kind of housing your new pet hedgehog will need before you bring him into your home can be a huge step in the right direction of hedgehog keeping. You definitely don’t want to bring your new pet home to a makeshift habitat or no habitat at all. Instead, plan ahead and set up a nice environment for your hedgehog so he has a place to call home as soon as he steps into your home. First, your hedgehog needs a cage. Look for a flat bottom care that is pretty large. Hedgehogs like to burrow and move around. Long rabbit cages or guinea pig cages will work well as long as it has the wire top and the solid floor and lower sides. The hedgehog is an expert at climbing so make sure he can’t climb out. Next, fill the cage with bedding, toys, hiding places, a litter box, food and water bowl, etc. For more tips, click this website Wise and Wonderful Integrative Veterinary Center, or call your animal hospital Sonoma County, CA.


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